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The whitefly: deadly flying

It is one of the most common pests in crops and also in gardens. This is because it attacks numerous plants, both vegetables and some species of ornamental plants.

The whitefly is an insect that can be harmful pests around your tomatoes, your courgettes, peppers, and watermelons. Here you will learn to detect it in time and control it effectively.

Meet the whitefly

Cockroaches: Unwanted Visitors in Your Kitchen

It is probably the most disgusting plague for most human beings.

The cockroach phobia is very common, especially when it is an insect that usually appears before or after in our home to make a visit, especially in large cities or in areas with hot and humid climates.

From a few individuals to whole pests, the appearance of cockroaches can make our lives very complicated.

Have you heard it yet? How to eliminate woodworm

We usually confuse them with termites, but sarcomas have their name, especially when it comes to causing damage to furniture and wooden objects.

Therefore, if you have ever heard noises in your wooden beams, it is very likely that they have a very small and harmful cause. Here we tell you what woodworm is and what to do once it appears.

Have you heard of her?

Woodworm is a xylophagous insect belon.


The mites are tiny arachnids and there are approximately 50,000 types, a figure that is increasing over time, as 100,000 species that also belong to his family have not yet been classified.

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At first glance, we cannot see them, but it is that their presence is all over the planet, in volcanoes, mountains, polar regions and even in ocean trenches.

Beautiful but Not Immune: The Plagues of the Rose Bush

Having a garden at home or a balcony full of plants is always a good hobby that besides having fun and relaxing, you can decorate our home with its beauty.

One of the most wanted plants in nurseries every year is the rose bush. It’s flowering of cheerful roses of various colors makes the rose bush usually occupy an important place in most gardens, balconies or terraces.

Although their care is not .

The Most Aggressive Pests of Rice

Although it is a very localized crop, agricultural plots destined to grow rice occupies a large part of the world’s agricultural land.

It is not a type of fruit that we like to grow individually or amateur, or a small plant that we can have in our garden or terrace, but quite the opposite.

This makes this type of crop more vulnerable when it comes to talking about pests, since the larger the area .

The Most Common Plague in Citrus: The Leaf Miner

When we face a pest we always use products that can destroy it by applying them directly to the insect in question, but that is only valid if the pest is at a glance or outside the plant.

What happens when a pest is inside a plant? The citrus leaf miner is one of these pest insects that is a bit more complicated to combat.

Tools Against Pests: Physical Control

When it comes to eliminating the different pests that may appear in our crop, whether in an orchard or garden, we can differentiate several methods: chemical control methods, which go through the use of toxic pesticides for the elimination of pests; biological control methods, which are based on the introduction of species that repel or eliminate other invasive species; and finally, physical or me.

Chrysopas: How They Help in Your Garden

When we talk about beneficial insects for our garden, the image of ladybugs always comes to mind.

These are very beautiful insects and, in addition, keep harmful pests of ornamental crops or plants at bay. However, they are not the only ones. Another species that perform the same work and whose presence should rejoice us is crisp. If you have never heard of crisis, this is your article.

Игровой автомат Cool Buck на деньги

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